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      Product display
      Professional production of LED lamps and lanterns production enterprise senior people formed into a young enterprise, so our propaganda is: bright and up-to-date, real lighting engineering experts
      Our achievements
      Our goal is to rely on professional light source, rely on professional technology and equipment to produce products with absolute advantage in the same industry. Perfect quality, reasonable price, considerate service and accurate delivery are the principles we have always adhered to.
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      Company Profile

      Guangdong Liangruda Outdoor Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded on August 18, 2005. It is a young enterprise formed by a group of senior people in the production of LED lamps. So our propaganda slogan is: Liangruda, a real expert in lighting engineering.

      Over the past ten years, we have persisted in producing high-quality LED outdoor lighting, street lamps, landscape and other lamps. We have won the title of "2008 Top 100 Innovative High-tech Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China", "AAA Class Quality Enterprises in China", "Chinese Famous and Excellent Products", "Top Ten Excellent Quality and Rest-assured Brands of Chinese LED Quality", "Recommended Products of Engineering Construction", "Listed Products of China Central Television Station. Brand ", Zhongshan City Quality Management Excellent Enterprise, some products through CE, ROHS certification, products are sold at home and abroad.

      Four reasons for choosing us

      More than ten years of concentrating on outdoor lighting projects, design and construction step by step in place

      > Over the past ten years, the lighting industry has settled down, and the design and construction teams have been well established.

      > A pair of customized scheme design services, saving time, money and heart

      > Self-owned construction team, standardized construction, effect synchronization


      Rich project experience, solid foundation and innovation

      > More than ten years'experience in brightening engineering with excellent technology and guaranteed quality

      > He has cooperated with many enterprises, government departments and other institutions.

      > Buildings, ancient buildings, bridges, waterscapes and other lighting projects have rich experience.


      Standardized process management, effective control cycle and quality assurance

      > Over the past ten years, we have strived for excellence and formed our own five-color process system.

      > Strict control of detail quality and layer-by-layer control of important nodes

      > The accumulation of experience in large-scale projects can reasonably solve various problems.


      Lighting Type Selection and Dynamic Balance Customization Design of Cost Budget

      > Use industry experience to balance effect, quality and service life

      > Reasonable recommendation of lamp type selection according to customer budget standard

      > Deep investigation of customer needs and tailor-made design scheme

      Over the past ten years, we have persisted in producing high-quality LED outdoor lighting, street lamps, landscape lamps and other lamps and lanterns.
      Guangdong liangerda outdoor lighting co. LTD




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